Writing Samples

I’ve written, edited, and produced hundreds of pieces of content over my 8+ years as a content marketer. Here are a few examples:


How to Write SEO Headlines That Both People and Bots Will Love

This was a piece I wrote while at Silverback Strategies, a performance marketing agency, and the goal was to build a bridge between content and SEO and explain how those best practices balance each other and work together.

2017 Social Media Demographics: What You Need to Know [Infographic]

I designed this infographic to accompany an ebook I wrote for lead gen purposes, but the goal of this particular blog post was link-building and sharing. It received almost 1,000 shares in a short period of time and was linked to from the HubSpot blog, Social Media Today, Buzzfeed, and Refinery29.


7 Things Admissions Needs to Know About Generation Z

This piece served many purposes. It promoted an ebook I had written to generate admissions professional leads. It jumped on a hot new topic before anyone else to start capturing search traffic around that topic. Finally, it inspired 426 social shares through the use of imagery and bite-sized quotes and callouts incorporated throughout the piece.


What to Buy Everyone at the Office: An Essential Holiday Gift-Giving Guide 

Finally, I wrote this piece to accompany a Pinterest campaign we were running. We had embedded pins promoting our holiday giveaway throughout nine different pin boards with ideas for coworker gift-giving. We embedded the Pinterest boards and cross-promoted the campaign on other social platforms, ultimately exceeding our goal and increasing awareness of our Pinterest presence (which drove an impressive percentage of blog traffic).

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